Fancim has been working for a goal of providing accurate and relevant information to important, historical, discussed and useful people. Anyone can travel to know the information and other matters provided here for their own needs, and the interested persons will be able to include themselves as an informant by following the prescribed rules.



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How FANCIM.COM collects the information –

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  • by registering to the site
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Use of Cookies –

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Advertisement –

The advertisements included in the FANCIM.COM website and mobile apps, are by third-party companies & ad networks through independent ad tags, which may collect information about users for which FANCIM.COM shall bear no responsibility that may arise as a result of collecting and/or sharing the information’s with any other party.
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••• Use Policy:

Here are some of our procedures and policies, which are meant to be agreed upon by all users, for general information about all users, including informants.

* Following the prescribed rules, a person can apply to join the information provider. However, if the editor / editors feel suitable to the person after checking his application through one or more editors, then they will allow him to be added as an information provider, if not appropriate, do not allow it.

* Fancim authority does not disclose any personal information given by the applicant information to any party other than the official authority and the court.

* Fancim authorities are very respectful of the personal privacy and security of the people. So any information that violates someone’s privacy or safety will not be disclosed without the person’s permission. If disclosed, then the information or photograph of the Authority will be able to dump it from the air without any prior warning.

* No personal, religious racial hatred, obscene and social values ​​can be published or posted. If anyone publishes such things, the Fancim authority reserves the right to remove it after considering it or in directing it by the government authorities and the court.

* No personal, religious racial hatred,obscene and social values ​​can be published or posted. If anyone publishes such things, the Fancim authority reserves the right to remove it after considering it or in directing it by the government authorities and the court.

* Fancim authority reserves the right to exempt someone from the responsibilities of the editor or to abstain from duty, and reserves the right to exempt any editor without any prior declaration.

* Fancim authorities will be able to make any decisions in their respective accounts for the permission of any auditors and cancellation of any account, and can be canceled or completely canceled by the information given by the government authority or the court.

* If more than one article is written on the same topic or if the image is attached to the bathroom then the linked articles or pictures may be deleted, if there is no very important information in the article or the image (subject matter of the full authority’s will). So before writing any article or before adding a picture to the photo repository, it is requested to see whether an article or picture is already placed on the subject.

* All articles have been requested to avoid 1 picture and more than 12 thousand letters. If more than 1 image and more than 12thousand letters are written in an article, then the Fancim authority candelete it on its own. In addition to thephoto repository, a maximum of 1 picture and 3 thousand letters are requested for writing. More than that,the authorities will be able to delete it in their own opinion.

*  If you want, you can send any article / photo to us at this address- meetus@fancim.com


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