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Post as a Guest (অতিথি হিসাবে পোস্ট করুন )

benefit of submit a guest post free at FANCIM.COM

Post at FANCIM.COM as a Guest (অতিথি হিসাবে পোস্ট করুন )

Why you should write on fancim.com?

  1. Get Free Backlink for your site by posting as a guest! Write an informative or helpful post on any subject you want (like: Tech, Health, Education, Politics, Business, Agriculture etc…) & get a high quality backlink for your Website, Youtube channel, FB page if you want.
  2. You can use us for your organization’s promotions for free. Want to advertise your business, product or service? Write down the information you want to tell people about your organization, product or service. Highlight the features, quality, and price of your product or service. Specify the contact address. Then publish the post with the appropriate title and feature photo. This will serve as a permanent ad for your business. This way you can easily promote your business or service. Post wisely so that it is useful to the general visitors and also useful to you. Because ordinary visitors are not interested in reading only if they post advertisements. So don’t just present your post as an advertisement, present it as an informative post and indirectly use it for your promotion. Meaning post in such a way that it doesn’t just feel like an ad. In this case, you have to exercise some intelligence. If you just write an ad in a post, no one will want to read it, but if you write an informative post and indirectly promote your business by not doing it like a direct ad, the admins will approve your post and people will read that post.

3. Or simply write on any topic to help people. (example: How to do anything?
Advantage or disadvantage of anything.
Why should or shouldn’t people do a thing.)

4. Instant approve of your post:

Post copy free content (copy post will be deleted)

Many website has some hard rule for guest posting. It’s hard to get your post approved from top level website (like: they want very high quality content/ they want long content/ you need to be a popular person to get your post approved/ they approve post from only selected subject/ and many other hard rules.) but we will Easily approve your post.

To easily attract more people to visit your post, we recommend you to

  • submit 400+ words article
  • Write informative or helpful post
  • Post copy free content (copy post will be deleted)
  • Don’t post bad content (Example: nudity, supporting crime)


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