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Islamic Girl Names With Meaning (1300+ Good & lovely Names Ever) -2024

list of Islamic Girl Names With Meaning

This is the best ever Ultimate source of islamic girl names with meaning for muslim girls. In this post you will find more than 1300 lovely, unique, Powerful, quranic, modern islamic girl names with good meaning.

If you’re looking for a Islamic girl name with a good meaning for your baby girl then you’re at the right place. Inshallah this is the ultimate, best ever & evergreen source of Muslim girl name ideas. Here we have more than 1300 lovely, unique, Powerful, quranic, modern Muslim girl names with meaning. You’re guaranteed to love these names.

Section of this post-

  • Islamic Girl Names With Meaning for all character (A,B,C,D,E,F,G…….. all)
  • Islamic girl names from quran with meaning & description
  • F A Q about name
  • Cute & funny baby videos

Islamic Girl Names With Meaning (Meaningful, Unique & Lovely names)

In this article we have some great and unique islamic girl names with their meaning. So if you’re looking a nice and unique islamic name for your newborn girl then make sure you check out all the names here. Otherwise you might miss the better ones?.

To help those who are looking for a name that starts with a specific letter, we’ve shorted out the names alphabetically. We hope it helps.

Islamic Girl Names With Meaning Starting With A

Down below we have a great list of Islamic girl names with meaning that starts with the letter “A”.

Afia Abida – Pious worshiper
Afia Adiba – Virtuous manners
Afia Adilah – Virtuous justice
Afia Afifa – Virtuous saint
Afia Aisha – Virtuous and prosperous
Anisa Tabassum – Beautiful smile
Anisa Raihana – Beautiful fragrant flower
Anisa Bushra – Beautiful auspicious sign
Anisa Ibnat – Virgin daughter
Ava – Ray of light
Afia Amina – Virtuous believer
Afia Anisa – Virtuous virgin
Afia Anjum – Virtuous star
Afia Antara – Virtuous heroine
Afia Aqila – Virtuous intelligent
Afia Asima – Pure virtuous woman
Afia Ayman – Virtuous Good luck
Afia Azizah – Virtuous & Honored
Afia Bilqis – Virtuous queen
Afia Fahmida – Virtuous intelligent
Afia Hamida – Virtuous praiser
Afia Humayra – Virtuous and beautiful
Afia Ibnat – Virtuous daughter
Afia Mahmuda – Virtuous & praised
Afia Maliha – Virtuous & beautiful
Afia Masuma – Virtuous and innocent
Afia Mazeda – The virtuous
Afia Mobashashira – The bearer of good news
Afia Mukaramee – Virtuous Honorita
Afia Munawara – Virtuous and radiant
Afia Murshida – A virtuous guide
Afia Mutahara – Virtuous and holy
Afia Nawar – A virtuous flower
Afia Sahebi – Virtuous girlfriend
Afia Saiyara – Virtuous star
Afia Shahana – Virtuous princess
Afia Zahin – Virtuous discretion
Afia Zianab – Virtuous and beautiful
Afifa – Saint
Afifa Sahebi – Saint girlfriend
Afra Abreshmi – White silk
Afra Aniqa – White and pink
Afra Anjum – White star
Afra Asia – White column
Afra Bashira – Bright & white
Afra Gauhar – White pearl
Afra Ibnat – Daughter
Afra Nawar – White flower
Afra Raihan – White fragrant flower
Afra Rumali – White pigeon
Afra Saiyara – The white star
Afra Wasima – White beauty
Afra Yasmin – White jasmine flower
Ahona – Bright
Aidah – The interviewee
Aisha – Prosperous
Akhi – Eyes
Aklima – Sweet voice
Aminah – Believer
Anam – Flag
Anamika – A stranger
Ananda – Bliss
Anbar Ulfat – Perfume gift
Anindita – Beautiful
Aniqa – Beautiful
Anisa – A friendly friend
Anisa Gauhar – A beautiful pearl
Anisa Shama – Beautiful candle
Anisa Sharmila – Beautiful and shy
Anisa Tahsin – Beautiful
Antara Asima – Sexy heroine
Antara Aniqa – Heroic beauty
Antara Anisa – Heroine maiden
Antara Azizah – Heroic honor
Antara Bilqis – Heroic queen
Antara Fahmida – Heroic & intelligent
Antara Fairooz – Rich in heroism
Antara Hamida – A heroic figure
Antara Humayra – A beautiful heroine
Antara Khalida – Heroic immortal
Antara Labiba – Heroic sage
Antara Maliha – Heroic beauty
Antara Masuda – Heroic & fortunate
Antara Mukarrama – Heroic honor
Antara Murshida – Heroic pioneer
Antara Raidah – Heroic leader
Antara Raisa – The heroic queen
Antara Rashidah – A heroic clown
Antara Sabiha – Heroic beauty
Antara Shahana – Heroic princess
Antara Shakera – Heroic & grateful
Antara Smiha – Heroic & generous
Aqilah – Intelligent
Aqtiya Bashirah – A pious bearer of glad tidings
Arju – Desire
Armani – Optimistic
Aseya – Pillar
Asma – Supreme
Asma Afia – Incomparably virtuous
Asma Aniqa – Incomparably beautiful
Asma Anisa – An incomparable virgin
Asma Aqila – The one who has unparalleled intelligence
Asma Atera – Incomparable fragrance
Asma Atiqa – Incomparably beautiful
Asma Atiya – Incomparably charitable
Asma Gauhar – Incomparable pearl
Asma Humayra – Incomparably beautiful
Asma Maliha – Incomparably beautiful
Asma Masuda – Incredibly lucky
Asma Nawar – Incomparable flower
Asma Raihana – An incomparable fragrant flower
Asma Sabiha – Incomparably beautiful
Asma Sadia – Incredibly lucky
Asma Sahebi – An incomparable girlfriend
Asma Shahana – The incomparable princess
Asma Tabassum – Incomparable smile
Asma Tarannum – Incomparable composition
Asma Ulfat – An incomparable gift
Asma Wasima – Incomparably beautiful
Asma Yasmin – An incomparably beautiful jasmine flower
Atera – Perfume
Atiqa – Beautiful
Atiqa Tasawal – Beautiful equality
Atiqiya Fariha – The righteous and happy
Atiya Adiba – A polite mannerist
Atiya Afia – A generous grandmother
Atiya Afifa – A generous saintly friend
Atiya Aisha – Generous and prosperous
Atiya Anisa – Generous virgin
Atiya Azizah – Generous & Honorable
Atiya Bilqis – The benevolent queen
Atiya Firooz – A generous and prosperous woman
Atiya Hamida – A generous appreciator
Atiya Hamina – A generous friend
Atiya Ibnat – Generous daughter
Atiya Joynab – A generous beauty
Atiya Mahmuda – A generous woman
Atiya Masuda – Generous and fortunate
Atiya Rashida – A benevolent clown
Atiya Sahebi – A benevolent beauty
Atiya Sanjida – A benevolent thinker
Atiya Shahana – A charitable princess
Atiya Shakera – Generous and grateful
Atiya Tahira – Generous chaste
Atiya Ulfat – A beautiful gift
Atiya Wasima – A generous beauty
Atqiya Galiba – Religious winner
Atqiya Abida – Pious worshiper
Atqiya Adiba – Pious etiquette
Atqiya Adila – Religious judge
Atqiya Afia – Pious & virtuous woman
Atqiya Aflah – The pious who is gaining success
Atqiya Aishah – Pious and prosperous
Atqiya Amina – A pious believer
Atqiya Aniqa – The pious beauty
Atqiya Anisa – Pious virgin
Atqiya Anjum – Pious star
Atqiya Antara – Religious hero
Atqiya Aqila – A religious & wise woman
Atqiya Asima – Pious virgin
Atqiya Atiya – Pious charity
Atqiya Ayman – Religious & good
Atqiya Azizah – Pious & honorable
Atqiya Bashimah – The pious smiling
Atqiya Bilqis – Pious queen
Atqiya Bushra – Religious auspicious signs
Atqiya Fabliha – A religious girl who is very good
Atqiya Fahmida – Religious & Intelligent
Atqiya Fairooz – Pious & prosperous
Atqiya Faizah – A righteous conqueror
Atqiya Fakhera – A religious dignitary
Atqiya Fannana – A religious artist
Atqiya Farzana – A religious clown
Atqiya Fawziyah – Righteous success
Atqiya Hamida – A pious praiser
Atqiya Hamina – Pious girlfriend
Atqiya Jalila – The pious greatness
Atqiya Jamilah – Pious beauty
Atqiya Labiba – A religious sage
Atqiya Madeha – A religious woman
Atqiya Mahmuda – Pious & praiseworthy
Atqiya Maimuna – The pious fortuneteller
Atqiya Maliha – Pious beauty
Atqiya Masuma – Pious & innocent
Atqiya Momena – A pious believer
Atqiya Mukarrama – Pious & honoured
Atqiya Munawara – The Righteous & Radiant
Atqiya Murshida – Pious & praised
Atqiya Sadia – The pious & fortunate
Atqiya Saeeda – A pious saint
Atqiya Sahebi – Pious girlfriend
Atqiya Samiha – Pious & gracious
Ayman Ulfat – Happy gift
Azha – Bright
Azizah – The cherished one
Azra – Virgin
Azra Abida – Virgin worshiper
Azra Adiba – Virgin etiquette
Azra Adilah – Virgin justice
Azra Afia – A virtuous virgin
Azra Afifa – A virgin saint
Azra Antara – Virgin soul
Azra Aqila – Virgin intelligent
Azra Asima – A virgin woman
Azra Atiqa – Virgin beauty
Azra Atiya – A virtuous virgin
Azra Bilqis – Virgin queen
Azra Fahmida – Virgin intelligent
Azra Galiba – Virgin winner
Azra Hamida – A virgin praiser
Azra Humayra – Virgin beauty
Azra Jamilah – Virgin beauty
Azra Mahbuba – The beloved virgin
Azra Mahmuda – The praiseworthy virgin
Azra Maimuna – Trustworthy virgin
Azra Maliha – A innocent virgin
Azra Masuda – A lucky virgin
Azra Momtaz – An excellent virgin
Azra Mukarrama – A honoured virgin
Azra Raihana – Virgin fragrant flower
Azra Rashida – A righteous virgin
Azra Rumali – Virgin pigeon
Azra Sabiha – The virgin beauty
Azra Sadia – A lucky virgin girl
Azra Saeeda – Lucky virgin
Azra Sajida – A religious virgin
Azra Shakila – A beautiful virgin
Azra Smiha – Virgin smile
Azra Tahira – The pure virgin

Islamic Girl Names With Meaning Starting With B

Here we have some beautiful islamic girl names that starts with the letter “B”.

Baha – light
Bulbul – Nightingale
Bakul – Spanish cherry flower
Bilqis – Queen
Badah – A person who is open minded
Bahiya – Beautiful and radiant
Bahiya Nawar – Beautiful and radiant flower
Bini – Clever
Bini Ibnat – Clever daughter
Bolour – Crystal
Busaina – Beautiful woman
Bahar – Beautiful Lady
Baaria – Originator
Bhajat – Splendor
Bhajat Afia – Virtuous and splendid woman
Baan – Attractive
Baarizah – A prominent personality
Binoth – Always happy
Badai – Wonder
Badra – Full Moon
Baheela – One who is very beautiful
Bipasha – River
Biva – Light
Biva Dahab – Golden light
Binita – The one who is modest
Bushra – Good omen

Islamic Girl Names With Meaning Starting With C

Below we have some cute islamic girl names which will be perfect for your baby girl. These names starts with the letter “C”.

Caitlyn – Pure beauty
Chandni – Moonlight
Chamelia – A type of flower
Chapa – Flower
Chapa Badai – Wonderful flower
Chapa Bahar – Beautiful flower lady
Caliana – A very appropriate princess
Charu – Beautiful
Charu Asma – Incredibly beautiful
Charu Biva – Beautiful light
Churni – The name of a river
Cala – Fortress
Cala Dabah – Fortress made of gold
Cala Asma – Incredible fortress

Muslim Girl Names With Meaning Starting With D

In this section we have some divine Muslim girl names with meaning that starts with the letter “D”. You’ll definitely love this names.

Deemah – The beauty of rainwater
Daisha – Pretty and friendly woman
Daisha Ibnat – Beautiful daughter
Diwa – Gift of God
Daarina – Lovely and Beautiful
Daiba – The devoted one
Dahab – Gold
Daanaa – Filled with wisdom
Dania – Allah is my judge
Daieba – A hard working woman
Daena – Divine knowledge
Dhuha – Forenoon
Daania – Beautiful person
Dua – Prayer to Allah
Dalya – Great
Dalya Ibnat – Great daughter
Dahlia – A type of flower
Dayesha – The very essence of being alive
Damali – Beautiful vision

Islamic Girl Names With Meaning Starting With E

Below you’ll find some excellent islamic girl names that starts with the letter “E”.

Eiman – Faith
Efa – Prosperity
Elisha – Friend
Elham – Inspiration
Emira – A princess
Erina – Beautiful lady
Eva – A caring girl
Ekrama – Beautiful
Ekrima – Princess
Ellora – Clouds
Eiram – Heaven
Ezhilara – Queen of beauty
Eira – Snow
Ena Saeeda – Definitely lucky
Ena Mukarrama – Certainly respected
Eshmaal – Bunch of red roses
Ezzah – A person who gives the honour
Ewana – Allah is merciful
Ena Fahmida – Certainly intelligent
Ena Munawara – Definitely brilliant
Ena Aminah – Surely honest and faithful
Ereshva – Righteous
Elilammal – Beautiful girl
Eti – The star
Erum – Heaven
Eshaal – Fragrant flower of heaven
Erica – Ruling forever
Ein – One who has beautiful large eyes

Islamic Girl Names With Meaning Starting With F

Here we have a good number of fantastic Muslim girl names with meaning that starts with the letter “F”.

Fabbiha Anbar – Very good news
Fabbiha Lamisa – Feelings of joy
Fabiha Afaf – Very good & pure character
Fabiha Bushra – A very good auspicious sign
Fahmida Faiza – An intellectual winner
Fairooz Aniqa – A rich beauty
Fairooz Bilqis – The prosperous queen
Fairooz Gauhar – Rich pearl
Fairooz Humayra – Rich and beautiful
Fairooz Lubna – A rich tree
Fairooz Masuda – Blessed with prosperity
Fairooz Miliha – Blessed with prosperity
Fairooz Nawar – A rich flower
Fairooz Sadaf – Rich oysters
Fairooz Shahana – The prosperous princess
Fairooz Wasima – A rich beauty
Fakhera – Proud
Falguni – Beautiful
Fanmida – Intelligent
Farah Ulfat – A gift of joy
Farha Afia – A very good actress
Farha Atera – A very good fragrance
Farhana – Happy
Farhat – Delight
Farida – Precious pearl
Fariha – Happy
Fariha Ibnat – Happy daughter
Farzana Faiza – Intelligent & successful
Fauirooz Yasmin – Rich and beautiful
Fawziayah Abida – The successful worshiper
Fawziyah Afia – A successful lady
Firoja – A bright greenish-blue coloured precious stone

Islamic Girl Names With Meaning Starting With G

Here we have some great islamic girl names with meaning that starts with the letter “G”.

Galiah – Wave
Galiah Gulab – Wave of roses
Galiba – Winner
Gamila – Beautiful
Gamila Ibnat – Beautiful daughter
Gabina – Honey
Gabina Fairooz – Rich honey
Garima – Warmth
Gul Mehtab – As beautiful as the moon
Gul Nasrin – Wild flower
Guljan – Beautiful flower
Gulshan – Rose garden
Galisha – A fortunate lady
Giti – Song
Giti Hema – Beautiful song
Ghania – Beautiful
Ghania Ibnat – Beautiful daughter
Ghania Gulab – Beautiful rose
Gulab – Rose
Gaziyah – Warrior
Gaziyah Hamida – Praiseworthy warrior
Gada – A beautiful lady

Islamic Girl Names With Meaning Starting With H

Here you’ll find some nice islamic names that starts with the letter “H”. These names sounds like as sweet as honey.

Habiba – Love
Hafeza – Good voice
Hamida – Praiseworthy
Hasina – Beautiful
Hasina Ibnat – Beautiful daughter
Hema – Beautiful
Humayra – Beautiful
Humayra Ibnat – Beautiful daughter
Humayra Adiba – Beautiful mannerist
Humayra Afia – A beautiful virtuous woman
Humayra Azra – A beautiful virgin
Humayra Anisa – A beautiful pleasant companion
Humayra Asima – A beautiful chaste woman
Humayra Atia – Beautiful and charitable
Humayra Bilqis – A beautiful queen
Humayra Yasmin – A beautiful jasmine flower

Muslim Girl Names With Meaning Starting With I

Here we have some very unique islamic girl names that starts with the letter “I”. These names are truely rare indeed.

Ivy – The one who brings happiness
Ibrat – Wisdom
Ibtisam – Smile
Imani – Faith
Ikara – Fragrance of rose
Inshirah – Relief
Ibriz – She who do as pure as gold
Ifra – Giving happiness
Iftin – Light
Ibnat Mukarrama – Honorable daughter
Ihana – Delight
Ibnat Fawziyah – A successful daughter
Ibnat Maliha – Innocent daughter
Ibnat Sajida – Pious daughter
Ibnat Farhana – A prominent woman
Iva Galiba – Beloved winner
Ibthaj – The girl who brings happiness to the family
Ikram – Honour
Iba – Pride
Ida – Prosperous
Ida Ibnat – Prosperous daughter

Islamic Girl Names With Meaning Starting With J

Check out these nice Muslim girl names with meaning that starts with the letter “J”.

Jamila – Beautiful
Jamila Ibnat – Beautiful daughter
Jamuna – The name of a river
Jeba – Love
Jeba Atiqiya – The righteous
Jeba Maimuna – Truly lucky
Jeba Maliha – Truly beautiful
Jeba Maliyat – Real wealth
Jeba Masuma – Truly innocent
Jeba Mubasshira – True good news
Jeba Munawara – Bright love
Jeba Mutahara – Truly holy
Jeba Rahat – True peace
Jeba Raisa – The true queen
Jeba Ramisa – Fairly safe
Jeba Rana – Downright charming
Jeba Rezwan – True satisfaction
Jeba Sabiha – Truly beautiful
Jeba Sajida – A lovely lady who prostrates
Jeba Samiha – The true giver
Jeba Shahana – The true princess
Jeba Tahira – The true wife
Jeba Tahsin – Truly beautiful
Jeba Wasima – Absolutely beautiful
Joya – Independent
Joya Ibnat – Independent daughter
Jostna – Moonlight

Islamic Girl Names With Meaning Starting With K

In this section you’ll find some nice islamic girl names that starts with the letter “K”.

Kajari – Bird
Kakoli – Bird call
Kanak – Gold
Khurshid – The sun
Khadejah – Trustworthy
Khadejah Ibnat – Trustworthy daughter
Karima – Generous
Karima Ibnat – Generous daughter
Kadan – A beloved companion
Kaia – Stability
Kaamisha – Happy soul
Karabi – The flower
Keka – Bird name
Keya – Screwpine Flower
Khalida – Immortal
Khushi – Happy
kona – Drop
Krishanu – Fire
Kaina – Leader woman
Kainaat – Universe

Islamic Girl Names With Meaning Starting With L

Here we have a good number of lovely names with meaning for muslim girls that starts with the letter “L”.

Labiba – Wise
Lahori – Waves
Laila – Brunette
Luftana – Kind
Luftana Ibnat – Kind daughter
Luna – Moon
Labeeba – Intelligent
Laiba – Female of the heaven
Lahifa – Helper
Lahifa Ibnat – Helping Daughter
Laila Ibnat – Brunette daughter
Lalima – Beautiful
Lalit – Beautiful
Lalita – Beautiful girlfriend
Lili – lotus
Lipi – Writing
Lafiza – As deep as a sea
Lochana – Eyes
Labibah – Intelligent
Lubaba – Authentic
Lubna – Tree

Islamic Girl Names With Meaning Starting With M

Below you’ll find some magnificent Muslim girl names with meaning that starts with the letter “M”. These names are truely lovely.

Madhu – Honey
Mafuza Maliha – A safe beauty
Mahabuba – Lover
Mahfuja Sima – Precious forehead
Mahfuza – Safe
Mahfuza Anan – Safe cloud
Mahfuza Anika – A safe beauty
Mahfuza Anisa – A safe virgin
Mahfuza Anjum – A safe star
Mahfuza Asima – A safe chaste woman
Mahfuza Bilqis – The safe queen
Mahfuza Fariha – Safe and happy
Mahfuza Gauhar – A safe pearl
Mahfuza Lubna – A safe tree
Mahfuza Maisha – A safe and prosperous lady
Mahfuza Maliyat – A safe asset
Mahfuza Masuda – Safe and lucky
Mahfuza Masuma – Safe and innocent
Mahfuza Mutahara – Safe and holy
Mahfuza Nawar – A safe flower
Mahfuza Rahat – Safe & peaceful
Mahfuza Rima – A safe deer
Mahfuza Rumali – A safe pigeon
Mahfuza Sadaf – A safe oyster
Mahfuza Shana – The safe princess
Mahliha Samiha – An incomparable and gracious lady
Mahmuda – Praised
Maimuna – lucky
Maisha Maliha – A beautiful woman living a happy life
Maisha Mumtaz – A lady who is nominated for living a happy life
Maisha Munawara – A radiant lady who is living a happy life
Maliha – Beautiful
Maliha Munawara – Beautiful and radiant
Mamota – love
Manali – A type of bird
Masuda – lucky
Masuma – Innocent
Mazeda – Great
Medini – Earth
Mim – An Arabic letter
Mohona – The confluence of the rivers
Moni – Gem
Moubani – A type of flower
Mubashira – Bringer of good news
Mumtaz – The best
Munira – Brilliance
Mursida – The guide
Musarrat – Joy
Mustari – Jupiter
Muzzama – Great

Islamic Girl Names With Meaning Starting With N

Here we have about a hundred islamic girl names with meaning that starts with the letter “N”.

Nabilah – Polite
Nadirah – Rare
Nafisa – Precious
Nafisa Anjum – Holy star
Nafisa Atera – A precious perfume
Nafisa Atiya – A precious gift
Nafisa Ayman – Precious good
Nafisa Gauhar – A precious pearl
Nafisa Lubaba – Pure and precious
Nafisa Lubna – Valuable tree
Nafisa Maliyat – Valuable wealth
Nafisa Nawal – A precious gift
Nafisa Raihana – A precious fragrant flower
Nafisa Rumali – Precious pigeon
Nafisa Rumman – Precious pomegranate
Nafisa Sadaf – A precious oyster
Nafisa Sama – A precious candle
Nafisa Shamim – A precious fragrance
Nafisa Tabassum – Holy smile
Nafisa Yasmin – Precious jasmine Flower
Nahla – Water
Nailah – An achiever
Naimah – Peaceful
Nalini – Lotus
Nandita – Joyful
Nargis – The name of the flower
Naseha – A counselor
Nawshin Anbar – A beautiful fragrance
Nawshin Anjum – A beautiful star
Nawshin Atia – Beautiful gift
Nawshin Gauhar – A beautiful pearl
Nawshin Nawar – A beautiful flower
Nawshin Saiyara – A beautiful star
Nawshin Yasmin – A beautiful jasmine flower
Nazibah – Excellent
Nazifa – Holy
Nila – Blue color
Nilima – Blue sky
Nilufar – Lotus
Nipa – Stream
Nishat – Happiness
Nishat Afaf – Pure and happy woman
Nishat Aflah – A happy woman who is gaining success
Nishat Anan – Happy cloud
Nishat Anbar – Fragrance of joy
Nishat Anjum – Happy star
Nishat Atiya – A gift of joy
Nishat Farhat – A happy and lucky girl
Nishat Gauhar – Happy pearl
Nishat Lubna – Tree of joy
Nishat Maliyat – Wealthy and happy
Nishat Mashiyat – A happy and lucky girl
Nishat Munawara – Bright happiness
Nishat Nabilah – Happy and kind
Nishat Nailah – A happy achiever
Nishat Nawal – A gift of joy
Nishat Nawar – Happy flower
Nishat Nuzhat – A happy and truthful
Nishat Rabab – Happy white cloud
Nishat Rabiah – Garden of pleasure
Nishat Raihana – Joyful fragrant flowers
Nishat Rima – Happy white deer
Nishat Rumman – A joyful pomegranate
Nishat Sadaf – A happy seashell
Nishat Saida – Happy river
Nishat Saiyara – A happy and healthy lady
Nishat Salma – Happy and peaceful
Nishat Salsabil – A joyful fountain in paradise
Nishat Shama – Happiness and calmness
Nishat Sima – Happy face
Nishat Subah – A joyful morning
Nishat Tafnnum – Joy and happiness
Nishat Tahiyat – Joyful Greetings
Nishat Tamanna – Happy wishes
Nishat Tarannum – A joyful melody
Nishat Ulfat – A gift of joy
Nishat Wamia – Happy Jasmine flower
Nowshin Nawal – Beautiful gift
Nowshin Rumali – A beautiful pigeon
Nowshin Sharmili – A beautiful and shy lady
Nowshin Tabassum – Sweet smile
Nudar – Gold
Nujhat Tabassum – Cheerful smile
Nusrat – Help

Muslim Girl Names With Meaning Starting With O

Some very unique names that starts with the letter “O”. This names are best for muslim girls.

Ozara – Treasure
Omana – Protector
Omysha – Smile
Ozra – Virgin
Ozra Ibnat – Virgin daughter
Omera – One who posses an inspiring and great personality
Olya – Holy
Olya Nusrat – Divine help
Omniati – Hope
Ozza – Young female deer
Omid – Hope
Ohi – Message

Islamic Girl Names With Meaning Starting With P

Some nice names that starts with the letter “P”. Even though these are not Arabic names they suits the best for muslim girls.

Parvina – Shining star
Puspa – Flower
Puspa Ramish – Safe flower
Pakiza – Virtuous & pure
Parishey – Beautiful
Payeez – Autumn
Pari – Angel

Muslim Girl Names With Meaning Starting With Q

Some quality Muslim girl names with meaning. You’ll definitely love these names.

Qamrun – Moon
Qamrun Nahar – Moon of the day
Qaaria – Reciter of the Holy Quran
Qaaria Nishat – A happy reciter of the Holy Quran
Qaanat – Patience
Qaanat Ramisha – Patient white rose
Qaabilah – Capable woman
Qanita – A woman truly devoted to god

Islamic Girl Names With Meaning Starting With R

In this section we have about a hundred islamic girl names with meaning that starts with the letter “R”.

Rabiah – Garden
Radyah – Satisfaction
Rafia – High
Rahima – Kind
Raisa – The queen
Ramisa – Safe
Ramisa Anan – Safe cloud
Ramisa Anjum – A safe star
Ramisa Bilqis – The safe queen
Ramisa Fariha – Safe and happy
Ramisa Maliha – The safe beauty
Ramish Anan – Safe cloud
Ramish Anjum – A safe star
Ramish Atiya – Safe Gift
Ramish Basharat – Safe good news
Ramish Fariha – Safe and happy
Ramish Lubna – A safe tree
Ramish Maliyat – A safe asset
Ramish Mubasshira – Safe good news
Ramish Muniyat – Safe will
Ramish Nawal – Safe Gift
Ramish Nuzhat – Safe and cheerful
Ramish Raunaq – Safe beauty
Ramish Salma – Safe and sound
Ramish Tahiya – Safe wishes
Ramish Tarannum – Safe melody
Ramish Zahra – A safe flower
Ramisha – White rose
Rana Abreshmi – Beautiful charming morning
Rana Adiba – Well mannered
Rana Anjum – Charming star
Rana Atiya – Beautiful gift
Rana Gauhar – The charming pearl
Rana Lamisa – Beautiful feelings
Rana Nawar – A beautiful flower
Rana Rahian – A beautiful fragrant flower
Rana Rumali – A beautiful pigeon
Rana Saida – A beautiful river
Rana Salma – Peaceful queen
Rana Sama – Beautiful lamp
Rana Sharmila – Beautiful and shy
Rana Tabassum – Beautiful charming smile
Rana Tarannum – Beautiful melody
Rana Yasmin – A beautiful jasmine flower
Rana Nawal – Beautiful gift
Rashida – Righteous
Rashni – Light
Raunak – Prestigious
Rausan Tabassum – A safe asset
Raushan – Bright
Reba – River
Renu – Fragrant powder
Rezah – The one who is content
Rifah Nanjiba – Well developed
Rifah Rafia – Well developed height
Rifah Sajidah – Good & religious
Rifah Sanjidah – A good thinker
Rifah Tamannah – Good wishes
Rifah Tasfia – A good purifier
Rifah Tasnia – Well done
Rifah Zakiyah – Pure
Rima – White deer
Riya – Worldliness
Rojoni – Night
Ruby – A precious stone
Ruchi – Delicious
Ruma – Pigeon
Rumali – Pigeon
Rumi – Beauty
Rumman – Pomegranate
Runu – Good
Rupa – Silver
Ramisa Gauhar – A safe pearl

Islamic Girl Names With Meaning Starting With S

Here we have some super cute muslim girl names that has nice meanings. It’s hundred percent guaranteed that you’ll like these names.

Sadia – Lucky
Sagarika – Wave
Saheli – Girlfriend
Sahira – Mountain
Saida – River
Saima – Fasting woman
Sajeda – A lady who prostrates
Salima – Healthy
Salma – Peace
Salma Afia – A virtuous and peaceful woman
Salma Aniqa – A peaceful beauty
Salma Anjum – A peaceful star
Salma Fariha – Calm and happy
Salma Fawjiya – A peaceful and successful woman
Salma Mahfuza – Calm and safe
Salma Maliha – A peaceful beauty
Salma Masuda – A peaceful and fortunate lady
Salma Nabilah – Calm and gentle
Salma Nawar – A peaceful flower
Salma Saba – The soothing breeze
Salma Sabiha – A peaceful beauty
Salma Tabassum – Calm smile
Salwa – Honesty
Samiha – A gracious woman
Saraf Anis – A singing girl
Saraf Anjum – Singing star
Saraf Atiqa – A singing beauty
Saraf Nawar – Singing flower
Saraf Rumali – Singing pigeon
Saraf Wamia – Singing rain
Saraf Wasima – A singing beauty
Saravi – Sun
Sarita – Princess
Sayeeda – Leader
Shabana – In the night
Shabiha – Beautiful
Shafa – Cure
Shafia – Mercy
Shahana – Princess
Shahnaj – Royal pride
Shaira – Intelligent
Shakera – Revealer
Shakila – Beautiful
Shama – Candle
Shanjidah – Considerate
Sharbari – Night
Shariqa – Brilliant
Sharmila – Shy
Shefali – A type of flower
Shireen – Delightful
Shuhrah – World famous
Sima – Forehead
Subah – Morning
Sufia – Clean heart
Suraiya – Beautiful
Swati – Star

Islamic Girl Names With Meaning Starting With T

These names below are truely magnificent and they’re also unique. So make sure you check them out.

Tania – Royalty
Taaliah – Fortune
Tafannum – Happiness
Tahira – Pure
Tahera Anjum – Pure star
Tahmina – Precious
Tahsin – Beautiful
Taariah – Clean
Taki – The one who fears Allah
Tamanna – Wish
Tanzim – Well organized
Tasfia – Purifier
Taaj – Crown
Tia – A type of bird
Tasnia – Admirable
Tasnim – Waterfall in heaven
Taara – Star

Islamic Girl Names idea With Meaning Starting With U

Here we have some unique names start with U. Check them out.

Umaiza – Bright
Umme Salma – Woman who loves her husband
Umme Habiba – Beloved
Umrah – Pilgrimage to Makkah
Udita Fariha – Happy sunrise
Udyan – A garden
Ubayaa – Beautiful
Upayan Azizah – Honorable Gift
Urmi – Wave
Usha Fariha – Happy morning

Muslim Girl Names idea With Meaning Starting With V

Here are some Islamic girl names starting with the letter “V”:

  • Vasfah: This name means “manner” or “conduct”.
  • Vida: This name means “life” or “alive”.
  • Vardah: This name means “rose”.
  • Vaizah: This name means “singing” or “recitation”.
  • Vashti: This name means “best”.
  • Vaeda: This name means “knowledge” or “information”.
  • Vardina: This name means “precious”.
  • Vazira: This name means “counselor” or “advisor”
  • Vardiya: This name means “rose garden”.
  • Vashina: This name means “scented flower”.
  • Vazirah: This name means “minister” or “advisor”.
  • Verda: This name means “green”.
  • Vardah: This name means “blossoming flower”.
  • Valeska: This name means “strong, powerful”.
  • Vania: This name means “gracious”.
  • Vardina: This name means “precious stone”.
  • Veronika: This name means “bringer of victory”.
  • Valeska: This name means “strong, powerful”.

Islamic Girl Names idea With Meaning Starting With W

Some wonderful names that starts with the letter “W” are presented below. You’ll definitely love them.

Wajia – Beautiful
Wajia Ibnat – Beautiful daughter
Wajida – Achiever
Waliya – Princess
Wajiha – Beautiful
Wajiha Ibnat – Beautiful daughter
Wasima – Beautiful
Waafiyah – Faithful
Waahida – Unique

Muslim Girl Names idea With Meaning Starting With Y

Muslim names starting with Y are pretty rare. So these rare names might be a good idea.

Yafiah – High
Yafita – Savior
Yalina – Soft and gentle
Yaamin – Blessed
Yara – Little butterfly
Yamina – Happy girl
Yasmin – Jasmine flower
Yadira – Friend
Yusra – Prosperous
Yaaqoot – Ruby

Muslim Girl Names With Meaning Starting With Z

These names given below are among those that have the best meaning. They also sounds good. So make sure to check out all of them.

Zahara – A beautiful flower
Zakiyah – Pure
Zarin Anan – Golden cloud
Zarin Anjum – The golden star
Zarin Asia – Golden pillar
Zarin Atiya – Golden Gift
Zarin Farhat – Golden joy
Zarin Gauhar – Golden pearl
Zarin Hadiqa – Golden Garden
Zarin Musarrat – Golden joy
Zarin Nudar – Golden Gold
Zarin Rafa – Golden happiness
Zarin Raihana – Golden fragrance of a rose
Zarin Roshni – Golden light
Zarin Sadaf – Golden Oyster
Zarin Sima – Golden forehead
Zarin Subah – Golden dawn
Zarrin – Golden
Zeba – Correct
Zeba Adiba – Well mannered
Zeba Afia – A righteous woman
Zeba Aniqa – Absolutely beautiful
Zeba Asima – The right woman
Zeba Atiqa – Truly beautiful
Zeba Fariha – Truly happy
Zeba Fawziyah – Quite successful
Zeba Humayra – Truly beautiful
Zinat – Beauty
Zunnar – Amulet

Islamic girl names from quran with meaning & description:

মেয়েদের ইসলামিক নাম , islamic girl name

Here are some Islamic girl names and their meanings with short deccription found in the Quran:

Maryam (bitter, wished-for child): Maryam is the mother of Hazrat isha (a) and is highly revered in Islam. The name means “bitter” or “wished-for child”.

Aisha (Living, Life): Aisha was the wife of the Prophet Muhammad and one of his closest companions. The name means “living” or “life”.

Fatima (Captivating, Entrancing): Fatima was the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad and the wife of Ali, the fourth caliph. The name means “captivating” or “entrancing”.

Khadija (Premature Baby, Born Early): Khadija was the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad and a successful businesswoman. The name means “premature baby” or “born early”.

Asma (Lofty, Eminent): Asma is an Arabic name that means “lofty” or “eminent”.

Zainab (Fragrant Flower): Zainab was the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad and is known for her devotion and charity. The name means “fragrant flower”.

Jannah (Paradise): Jannah is an Arabic name that refers to paradise and the hereafter. The name means “heaven” or “paradise”.

Haleema (Gentleness, Mildness): The name Haleema means “gentleness” or “mildness”.

Dana (Wise, Learned): Dana is an Arabic name that means “wise” or “learned”.

Naima (Comfortable, Tranquil): Naima is an Arabic name that means “comfortable” or “tranquil”.

Hana (Happiness): Hana is an Arabic name that means “happiness”.

Amira (Princess, Ruler): Amira is an Arabic name that means “princess” or “ruler”.

Arwa (Mountain Goat): Arwa is an Arabic name that means “mountain goat”.

Bushra (Good News, Glad Tidings): Bushra is an Arabic name that means “good news” or “glad tidings”.

Fariha (Happy, Joyful): Fariha is an Arabic name that means “happy” or “joyful”.

Ghazal (Young Doe): Ghazal is an Arabic name that means “young doe”.

Rukhsar (Face, Cheek): Rukhsar is an Arabic name that means “face” or “cheek”.

Jasmin (Jasmine Flower): Jasmin is an Arabic name that refers to the fragrant jasmine flower. The name means “jasmine”.

FAQ About name:

Why names with good meaning is important?

In many cultures, a name is much more than just a label to identify a person. A name is often seen as a reflection of a person’s personality and character, and is believed to have an influence on the life of the person who bears it.

For this reason, many parents put a lot of thought into choosing names with positive meanings for their children.

Having a name with a positive & good meaning can also boost a person’s confidence and self-esteem, and can even shape the way that others perceive and interact with them.

In our religion it is believed that a good name can bring good luck and prosperity to a person’s life, and can be a source of inspiration and motivation.

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How to choose a name with a good meaning?

Here are a few steps you can follow to help you find a name that has a positive meaning:

1) Consider your cultural background:

If you have a strong cultural heritage, you may want to choose a name that is meaningful within that culture. For example, if you are of Asian heritage, you may want to choose a name with roots in traditional Asian names.

2) Look at the meaning of the name:

The meaning of a name can say a lot about a person, so it’s important to choose a name with a positive meaning. And you must verify the names meaning from various sources.

3) Consider family traditions:

Parents often give their younger child a name that is similar or close to their older siblings.

Also If you have a family name that has been passed down from generation to generation, you may want to choose a name that honors this tradition.

4) Think about how the name will sound like:

The sound of a name can also be important. You may want to choose a name that sounds pleasing to the ear, or that is easy to pronounce and spell.

5) Ask for input:

You can ask your family members for their opinions on names that you are considering. You can also ask close relatives if you have doubts.

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What is the best Islamic name for a girl?

Islamic names have a rich tradition, and there are many beautiful and meaningful names to choose from for a girl. Some popular and traditional Islamic names for girls include:
Aisha: meaning “living, life”
Fatima: meaning “captivating, charming”
Maryam: meaning “bitter” or “beloved”
Samira: meaning “entertaining companion”
Zainab: meaning “fragrant flower”

These are just a few examples, and there are many other beautiful Islamic names to choose from. When choosing a name, it’s important to consider the meaning, origin, and cultural significance of the name.

Cute Muslim Baby Girl Video-

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We hope you were able to choose a great unique name for your child from our collection of islamic girl names with meaning. Ultimately, the most important thing is that a name is chosen with love and care, and that it has a special significance to the person who bears it.

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