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Party Bus Names (130+ Surprising, Cool & Funny Names For Party Bus) -2024

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A party bus without a name is not cool at all. Party bus names is currently the greatest trend in the party bus world. Here you will find 130+ funny, creative, cool & surprising party bus names for your party bus!

Party bus businesses are much more profitable than regular bus companies. That is if you can promote your business well. A good name will make this job much more easier. Because a good name creates a positive impression of your business Among the people. So you’ll get a lot more customers.

But in the case of party busses, a good name is not just good enough. It also has to be cool, ridiculous and badass at the same time. Otherwise you will not be able to attract young generation people. And without them a party bus business is doomed.

So here are some cool & modern party bus names that’ll attract younger peoples like magnet. And you’ll be one step ahead of your competitors. Let’s dive right in.

Funny Party Bus Names to Make People Laugh

These are the most hilarious names that you could ever give to a party bus. Definitely a great choice because younger people likes this kinds of names very much.

  • Trouble Decker
  • Fun Escapes
  • Magic Tour
  • Home Escapes
  • Holy Escapes
  • Ground Force One!
  • Reserved for Looser!
  • Operation ENJOY STROM
  • Holy Hour
  • Random Escape
  • Random Ride
  • Holy Limo
  • Party Operation System
  • Temporary Fun Office
  • Single’s Convoy!
  • Mingle’s Convoy!
  • Jelly Express
  • Party on Demand
  • Cute Little Bus
  • Boys On The Run
  • Cranky Party
  • Reserved for Chaos
  • Party Liner
  • Parteeeeeee…
  • Lazy Limo
  • Lazy Boyz
  • Lazy Time
  • Magic Move
  • Magic Mat
  • Bagdoom

Creative Party Bus Names to Attract People

Here we have some creative party bus name ideas. You can use these names for not just party busses but also long distance tour busses.

  • Jolly Ride
  • Party on Progress
  • Turtle Ride
  • Golden Wheels
  • Megabus
  • Country Hoppers
  • Elite Ride
  • Sunshine Tour
  • Bus 51
  • Star Party Bus
  • Five Star Ride
  • Diamond Transit
  • Party Quest
  • The Rockin’ Party Bus
  • Premium Bus
  • Dark Shadow
  • Amusing Ride
  • Dark Energy
  • Hawaiian Tea Party
  • Ride to Party
  • Beware of Party Bus
  • Easy Ride Inc

Cool Party Bus Names

Down below we have some of the coolest party bus names ever. If you’re thinking about opening a party bus business then absolutely make sure to check these names.

  • Carnival Ride
  • Party Ghost
  • Party Pirates
  • Dazzling Shuttle
  • Road King
  • The Vikings
  • Lead the Party
  • Fun Quest
  • Dark Knights
  • Imperial Party Bus
  • Ace Transit
  • Street Cruisers
  • Wild Angels
  • Night Star
  • Royal Ride
  • Superb Bus
  • Dark Pirates
  • VIP Boys
  • Party Mania
  • Dark Shadow
  • Event Horizon
  • Stellar Wind

Classic Party Bus Name Ideas

Here we have some of the best party bus names you’ll ever find. For some reason they’re a perfect match for a party bus. These are names that people just can’t ignore.

  • Fun Shuttle
  • Party Hoppers
  • Rolling Circus
  • Wind Mode
  • Golden Transit
  • Party Squad
  • The Joker’s Gang
  • Gladiator Buzz
  • Party Shuttle
  • Carnival Fantasia
  • Dark Star
  • Party Union
  • Hip Hop Party Bus
  • Party Wagon
  • The Party Knight
  • Festia Transport
  • Event Decker
  • Tornado
  • Birthday Adventure
  • Heavy Party Machine
  • Midnight Classic
  • Party Festival
  • Rock n’ Roll
  • The Party Bus

Unique Party Bus Name Ideas

Here we have some very unique and uncommon party bus names. If you choose a name from here for your party bus business, you’re probably the only party bus business with that name. So not a bad deal.

Grandiose Bus


Crown Joker

Party Wheels

Lucky Ride


Ground Adventure

White Condor

Metal Frame

The Exclusive Ride

Fast Forwarding

The Funky Party Bus


Monarch Party Bus

Earth Tracks

Party n’Roll

Black & White Party

Vintage Party Bus

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Some FAQs about party bus

Here is some common question about party bus.

What Is A Party Bus?

A party bus is a modified conventional bus that is used for fun and recreational activities. If we put it in one line, party busses are huge luxurious busses that are available for rent.

Party busses usually has less seats than regular busses and has more open space. They usually have comfortable seats, large TV, music systems and other things that are used for entertainment.

How To Name A Party Bus?

To come up with a good party bus name you must have a clear idea about what the younger generation likes.

Names that are cool, badass and hilarious at the same time will catch more attention. A party bus name should never be the innocent type. Either pick a name that sounds menacing or a name that sounds funny.

Use Names That Are Easy To Read And Remember

Never choose a hard to remember name in the process of making it sound cooler. Use words that are easy to remember.

Because even if you have a name that sounds cool but if it’s hard to remember and people forgets it then it’s pretty useless.

Keep It Short

Keep the name short. 3-4 words at maximum. People tend to ignore long names.

Customers don’t pay attention to long names. So long names are absolute no. Plus short names are easy to remember. So it’s a win-win if the name is short.

Make Sure The Name Sounds Cool When Said Aloud

A party bus is used as the name suggests it, to party. So it has to be different than regular busses in at least a few ways. That includes the name too.

So choose a name that sounds cool when said loudly. If it sounds cool then young peoples will definitely like it.

Avoid Names Of Location Or People

Naming a business after a person or a location is a very common practice. For some businesses it’s a very good idea actually. But that’s not the same case for party bus names.

You should never name your party bus business after a place or a person.

Make Sure The Name Matches The Appearance

Make sure the name of your party bus matches the outlook of the bus.

For example if you name your party bus dark knights or dark shadow then paint the bus white then it’ll look stupid. So always make sure the name matches the appearance.

Use Bright Colors To Highlight The Name

To write the name on the bus use a bright colour. And the colour should be opposite from the bus’s colour itself.

For example, if the bus’s colour is dark use bright white colour to write the name.

And the name should be big so that it can catch people’s attention from far.

Lightings & Paintings Can Make It Cooler

Lighting and painting are the best way to attract customers for party bus. Party busses are all about the outlook.

You can use simple LED lightings inside of the bus. It doesn’t cost that much but looks great. If you expend a little more and use lightings on below the bus it’ll be great. With lightings below the bus will look so good which can’t be described in words.

You can use paintings of different styles and patterns to make the bus look great at daytime too. You can use 3d paintings which will be a bit more expensive but will look much more better.

Use Stickers and Banners

You can use stickers and banners in both inside and outside of the bus to make it more attractive.

In party busses it’s all about the outlook. If it looks awesome then it’ll be able to attract the attention of many customers. And if people are satisfied with the outlook then they’ll definitely rent the bus even if the price is higher.

Go Online

There is a very small market for party bus. So you’ll have to do a lot of advertising when starting the business. And your business should be countrywide. Otherwise you won’t be able to make any profit.

So, get your own website. Use social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and online ads to advertise your business. Make everyone know that you’re out there.

Party bus business is a very unique and profitable business. It has a lot less competition than other businesses. If you can give good service you’ll earn a lot of money.

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A good name creates the first positive impression of your business. To stay one step ahead from competitors in the long run a good name is mandatory. We hope that you were able to find a perfect name for your party bus business from the party bus names we have above.

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