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Hippie Van Names (320+ Cool, Mind Blowing Names) 2024

Hippie Van Names , Photo of two hippie vans

If you own a hippie van then let me tell you this. Your hippie van deserves a name. Hippie van is one of the most unique type of car. To make it more unique and cool you can name your hippie van. For that here we’ve got some of the best hippie van names that you could use for your hippie van.

In this post you will find 320+ cool, cute, funny, badass VW hippie van name suggestions. So let’s dive in..

Cool Hippie Van Names

Here are some cool hippie van names that will stand out no matter the time and place.

  • Groovy Glide
  • Cosmic Caravan
  • Peaceful Wanderer
  • Psychedelic Dreamer
  • Free Spirit Cruiser
  • Harmony Wheels
  • Flower Power Express
  • Zen Nomad
  • Rainbow Roadster
  • Serenity Seeker
  • Tranquil Voyager
  • Love Bus
  • Wanderlust Wagon
  • Joyful Journeys
  • Blissful Breeze
  • Harmony Hauler
  • Soulful Sojourner
  • Happy Camper
  • Dream Weaver
  • Mindful Mobile
  • Vintage Vibe
  • Spirit Seeker
  • Whimsical Wheels
  • Peace-Mobile
  • Kindred Cruiser
  • Far-Out Van
  • Vibrant Vagabond
  • Trippy Traveler
  • Good Vibes Van
  • Zen Zephyr
  • Sunshine Surfer
  • Bohemian Beauty
  • Laid-Back Cruiser
  • Wanderer’s Delight
  • Mystical Mover
  • Chill Chariot
  • Harmony Hippy
  • Nomadic Nostalgia
  • Peaceful Pilgrim
  • Retro Roamer
  • Radiant Roamer
  • Cosmic Carriage
  • Tranquility Transporter
  • Happy Hauler
  • Free-Spirited Scooter
  • Flower Power Mobile
  • Whimsical Wanderer
  • Serene Scoot
  • Groovy Globetrotter
  • Zen Zephyr

Cute Hippie Van Names

Here we have some good hippie van names that are overloaded with cuteness. We guarantee that people will definitely love these names.

  • Daisy Dasher
  • Honeybee Hopper
  • Sunflower Shuttle
  • Buttercup Buggy
  • Sweet Pea Scooter
  • Petal Pusher
  • Breezy Blossom
  • Luna Lovebug
  • Stardust Steamer
  • Gypsy Gem
  • Pixie Popper
  • Rainbow Rider
  • Cuddlebug Carriage
  • Whisker Wagon
  • Magic Meadow
  • Sugarplum Surfer
  • Dreamy Drifter
  • Starry Cruiser
  • Cotton Candy Cab
  • Tangerine Traveler
  • Bubblegum Beetle
  • Cupcake Caravan
  • Marshmallow Mobile
  • Jellybean Jeep
  • Pudding Pacer
  • Snuggle Snailer
  • Polka Dot Express
  • Peppermint Piper
  • Cherry Blossom Bus
  • Honeydew Hauler
  • Popsicle Pathfinder
  • Bubble Bath Buggy
  • Coconut Cruiser
  • Lollipop Limo
  • Ladybug Lark
  • Marshmallow Mover
  • Tootsie Roll Trolley
  • Bubblegum Cruiser
  • Cupcake Conveyance
  • Sunshine Sprinter
  • Watermelon Wanderer
  • Strawberry Stroller
  • Lemonade Lorry
  • Candy Crawler
  • Caramel Carriage
  • Blueberry Bouncer
  • Minty Motive
  • Honeybee Hauler
  • Tulip Trailer
  • Lavender Lark

Funny Hippie Van Names

In this section we present to you a collection of funny hippie van names that are sure to tickle your funny bone.
These names will have you chuckling and spreading joy wherever you go.

  • The Groan Ranger
  • Quirky Caravan
  • Punny Buggy
  • The Laughing Limo
  • The Hilarious Hauler
  • Chuckle Chariot
  • Joke-Mobile
  • The Giggling Globe-Trotter
  • Wacky Wagon
  • The Hippy Hilarity
  • The Silly Scooter
  • Comic Cruiser
  • The Laughter Van
  • The Whimsical Wheels
  • The Guffaw Getter
  • The Humor Highway
  • The Clown Carriage
  • The Jest Jetsetter
  • Giggle Generator
  • The Amusing Adventurer
  • The Quip-Quip Quirler
  • Jolly Jalopy
  • The Snicker Snatcher
  • The Puns and Fun Van
  • The Chuckle Conveyance
  • Witty Wanderer
  • The Banter Bus
  • Comical Camper
  • The Haha Hauler
  • Laughmobile
  • The Rib-Tickler
  • The Hysterical Highwayman
  • The Funny Fuselage
  • The Giggles Galore
  • The Hilarious Hippie
  • The Laughing Load
  • The Jester Journey
  • The Chortle Chauffeur
  • The Punny Pacer
  • Hoho Hopper
  • Chuckle Chopper
  • The Snicker Steed
  • The Whimsy Wagon
  • Ha-Ha Hauler
  • The Quirky Quipper
  • The Humorous Hippy
  • The Comedic Caravan
  • The Belly Laughter Buggy
  • The Giggly Getaway

Badass Hippie Van Names

Get ready to dive into the world of badass hippie van names. These names are rebellious and free-spirited. Any name from here is sure to exude power, style, and an untamed spirit.

  • Rebel Roamer
  • The Maverick Mobile
  • Savage Surfer
  • The Wild Wanderer
  • The Free Spirit Fury
  • Untamed Traveler
  • Fearless Cruiser
  • Renegade Roadster
  • The Outlaw Odyssey
  • The Radical Rambler
  • Rogue Rider
  • The Fierce Nomad
  • The Vagabond Vixen
  • The Thundering Trekker
  • Badass Buggy
  • The Rebel Renegade
  • Daredevil Drifter
  • Unchained Chariot
  • Ironclad Cruiser
  • Defiant Dreamer
  • Ruthless Roamer
  • The Savage Soul
  • The Unbridled Van
  • The Untamed Trailblazer
  • Fearless Voyager
  • Wildheart Wagon
  • The Renegade Ramble
  • The Outlaw Onslaught
  • The Brazen Breeze
  • Rebel Riot
  • The Maverick Machine
  • The Savage Siren
  • The Free Spirit Fury
  • The Untamed Thunder
  • The Fearless Firebird
  • The Wild Wanderlust
  • The Renegade Revolution
  • The Outlaw Overture
  • The Rebel Rampage
  • The Maverick Madness
  • The Savage Serenade
  • The Free Spirit Fury
  • The Untamed Uproar
  • Fearless Firestorm
  • Wild Whirlwind
  • The Renegade Revolution
  • The Outlaw Outburst
  • The Rebel Rocker
  • The Maverick Mayhem
  • The Savage Symphony

Hippie Van Names Boy

Here we have some unique hippie van names for the boys. If you’re a man who has a hippie van then this list is for you.

  • Cosmic Cruiser
  • Zen Traveler
  • Dream Weaver
  • Peaceful Pilgrim
  • Serene Surfer
  • Harmony Hauler
  • Soulful Seeker
  • Wanderlust Warrior
  • Groovy Gladiator
  • Blissful Breeze
  • Tranquil Trekker
  • Radiant Roamer
  • Bohemian Nomad
  • Free Spirit Adventurer
  • Mystic Maven
  • Tranquility Transporter
  • Happy Hippie
  • Whimsical Wanderer
  • Zen Zephyr
  • Spirit Scout
  • Far-Out Cruiser
  • Vibrant Voyager
  • Laid-Back Drifter
  • Wanderer’s Delight
  • Harmony Hero
  • Peaceful Pathfinder
  • Kindred Knight
  • Dream Catcher
  • Joyful Journeyman
  • Chill Crusader
  • Zen Wanderer
  • Sunshine Strider
  • Bohemian Boy
  • Radiant Ranger
  • Tranquil Traveler
  • Happy Hauler
  • Cosmic Carriage
  • Mindful Maverick
  • Whimsical Wheels
  • Serene Sojourner
  • Mystic Mobile
  • Tranquility Tracker
  • Joyful Jaunter
  • Spirit Seeker
  • Groovy Globetrotter
  • Zen Zealot
  • Harmony Highroller
  • Far-Out Adventurer
  • Vibrant Vagabond
  • Laid-Back Wanderer

Hippie Van Names Girl

In this category we got some cute hippie van names for the girls. If you’re a woman and also a hippie van owner then this list is for you.

  • Flower Power Princess
  • Bohemian Beauty
  • Serene Siren
  • Harmony Honey
  • Free Spirit Fairy
  • Mystic Maiden
  • Tranquil Trailblazer
  • Joyful Journeyer
  • Whimsical Wanderess
  • Zen Zephyrette
  • Radiant Rover
  • Dreamy Diva
  • Peaceful Pixie
  • Wanderlust Wonder
  • Blissful Belle
  • Tranquility Traveler
  • Happy Hippie Chick
  • Sunshine Surfer Girl
  • Mystical Maven
  • Harmony Hauler
  • Serene Seeker
  • Far-Out Flower Child
  • Vibrant Vagabond
  • Laid-Back Lady
  • Wanderer’s Delight
  • Bohemian Babe
  • Dream Catcher
  • Joyful Jaunter
  • Chill Charioteer
  • Zen Zephyr
  • Cosmic Cruiser
  • Whimsical Wheels
  • Radiant Roamer
  • Tranquil Trekker
  • Happy Hauler
  • Flower Child Adventurer
  • Serene Sojourner
  • Mystic Mobile
  • Tranquility Tracker
  • Joyful Juggernaut
  • Spirit Seeker
  • Groovy Globetrotter
  • Zen Zealot
  • Harmony Heroine
  • Far-Out Adventuress
  • Vibrant Voyager
  • Laid-Back Drifter
  • Dreamy Wanderer
  • Eclectic Explorer
  • Peaceful Pathfinder

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Below we’ve answered some frequently asked questions related to hippie vans. We hope they’ll be helpful to you.

What Is A Hippie Van?

Hippie vans are typically retrofitted Volkswagen Type 2 vans, commonly known as the VW Microbus or VW Transporter. These vans were popular among hippies due to their affordability, spacious interior, and ease of customization. The vans were often painted with vibrant, psychedelic designs and adorned with peace signs, flowers, and other symbols of peace and love.

Hippie vans were frequently used as living spaces, allowing individuals or groups to travel and live a nomadic lifestyle. They were often seen at music festivals and communal gatherings, serving as a means of transportation, accommodation, and self-expression.

Today, hippie vans continue to evoke nostalgia and are cherished by collectors, vintage enthusiasts, and free-spirited peoples.

It is a type of vehicle that became iconic during the countercultural movement of the 1960s and 1970s. It is a symbol of freedom and adventure.

What Are Hippie Vans Called?

A hippie van is also known as a hippie bus or hippie camper van.

Hippie vans are commonly referred to by various names that capture their association with the countercultural movement and the hippie subculture. Some of the popular names for hippie vans include:

  1. Hippie Bus
  2. Hippie Van
  3. Hippie Camper
  4. Peace Van
  5. Magic Bus
  6. Groovy Van
  7. Free Spirit Van
  8. Wanderlust Wagon
  9. Bohemian Bus
  10. Nomad Van
  11. Freedom Van
  12. Retro Van
  13. VW Microbus
  14. VW Camper
  15. VW Transporter
  16. Hippy Van
  17. Gypsy Van

These names reflect the colorful, nonconformist, and free-spirited nature of these vehicles.

How Much Does A Hippie Van Cost?

The cost of a hippie van can vary depending on several factors, including the make and model of the van, its condition, age, and any modifications or customizations that have been made. Additionally, market demand and location can also influence the price.

If you’re looking for a vintage hippie van, such as the iconic Volkswagen Type 2 (commonly known as the VW Microbus or VW Transporter), the prices can range widely. A well-maintained and restored vintage VW Microbus in good condition can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $60,000 or more, depending on its rarity and desirability. Older models or vans in need of restoration might be available at lower prices, but they may require significant time and investment to get them in running condition.

On the other hand, if you’re considering a modern van that can be converted into a hippie-style camper, such as a Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, or Ram ProMaster, the base vehicle cost can range from $30,000 to $50,000 or more, depending on the model, features, and customization options. The cost of converting the van into a hippie-style camper with unique decorations and modifications would be an additional expense.

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We hope that you were able to find a perfect name for your hippie van from the hippie van names we provided. Please share with your friends if you liked our content.

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