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5 “BAD” habit you need to be a successful businessman!

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There is a saying in our village, “Much better is not better”. A lot of times you have to express your bad looks based on the situation. The business world is a world where it is impossible to survive with only good manners (Especially in this era), but if sometimes you can be a “bad” person, when needed, it will help you to move forward.

These qualities should be present in a businessman as well as an office boss or manager. Let’s see then…

Learn to say “No”:

Sometimes we can’t say ”No” because we fell shy to say no, knowing that there will be a lot of damage. But to be successful in business, you need to say ”No”.

Suppose someone you know wants a loan. You know that his nature is not good. He won’t pay on time but you can’t say “No” to him because of eye shame. It will actually hurt you. Or suppose you put one of your relative in a position in your organization that he does not qualify for the position but you fell hesitant to remove him from the post.

Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem.

Must show toughness:

It is not possible for a soft-minded businessman to survive in today’s fiercely competitive market in a world full of fraudsters, success is a long way off.

I am not forbidding you to be a good person, I just want to say that don’t let people to break the jackfruit on your head because of your good humanity or generosity.

In the light of my own experience, I can say that at present world, only hardworking, strict & dominant people are doing well in business and working life. So be strict when necessary.

Maintain a little distance with employees or subordinates:

Being able to mix with people is a good quality. But in order to be successful in the business world, you need to keep this good quality away. Especially keep a little distance with subordinates Those who have to act on your orders and those who have to control.

If you mix too much with employees or subordinates, they will not pay attention to your words, will not respect you in front of others and will argue with you if you order something they do not like.

All in all, if you mix more with lower level people, they will think you are lower level than them. Your importance will be forgotten and you will not be evaluated.

Look after your staff, help them, but keep some distance. There is no need to be too close.

Give Punishment:

Forgiveness is a great virtue. However, if you show more of this great quality in the business world, it will be a cause of loss for you. When a wrongdoer is not punished, the wrongdoer becomes reckless and begins to think of himself as more powerful.

Therefore, disciplinary action has to be taken so that the workers do not become reckless and do not delay in work. Depending on the situation, you can forgive 1 time, 2 times or a maximum of 3 times, but do not forgive again and again.

Show your power:

Showing off one’s power is not a good thing at all. But in the business world, you have to do it according to the situation. At the right time show your strengths to those who think you are weak or do not respect you. By doing this, just as they will be straightened, others will also be straightened by seeing them.

You can easily find a lot of writing about what good qualities you need to have to be a successful businessman, but you may not find any information about what “bad” nature you need to have to be a successful businessman anywhere in the internet world. Compare the things I have mentioned here with the real world. Only then will you understand how true each subject is.

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