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Solutions to environmental problems (what general citizen can do)

Solutions to environmental problems , পরিবেশ দূষণ ও তার প্রতিকার

Here we discuss about some easy solutions to environmental problems for general people like us. Although we general people don’t have much power like government or organization to make any law or to take any big project to solve environmental problems but here is something we can do as a general citizen. Environmental problems are very very big threat for the mankind. So we can not stay idle, we have to do what we can.

Easy but effective solutions to environmental problems

Recycle: Recycle plastic, polythene, electrical equipment, metal equipment and other things can make our environment more fresh. So don’t throw your plastic bottle & electric equipment here & there. Sell them to any recycle company.

Use surface water: Use surface water for irrigation, industry & other purposes. The underground water level is rapidly getting down day by day. This is a main reason of dehydration. In order to keep nature moist and fresh, the use of underground water should be reduced.

Use rain water: Rain water is a renewable source of pure water. Normally rain water is so pure that you can drink it directly, but if you don’t want to drink it then you can use it for other purpose. So reserve rain water & use it later. You can easily reserve rain water by just making a water tank on your rooftop.

Buy environment friendly product: Always try to buy environment friendly product from environment friendly company. If we buy our product from environment friendly company then it will increase the motivation of other company to be a environment friendly company & make environment friendly product.

Reduce consumption of energy: By reducing your energy consumption you can help to solve environmental problem. Minimize consumption of kerosene, petrol, diesel or similar fuels. Using these, a large amount of harmful gas is mixed into the air. Do not keep turn on bulb, cooking stove, car engine unnecessarily.

Use renewable energy: Beside reduce consumption of energy we should produce & use renewable energy. Using solar panel, windmill and other renewable energy source will help to reduce environment pollution.

Stop using polythene: polythene bags are not biodegradable. They clog water infrastructure, float down waterways, and spoil the landscape. although If all goes well, they end up on the ground where it can take them a thousand years or more to disintegrate into small particles that continue to pollute the soil and water.

Use jute: Jute is a easy source of very environment friendly natural fiber. We can make bag, rope, carpet, shoes, dress & many other things by jute fiber. we can make many green product by using jute.

Use electric bike & car: On average, a normal car releases 2 tons of carbon dioxide gas every year. electric bike & car do not release any gases to the atmosphere like motorbikes or cars, Because they don’t burn any fuel. so try to use electric bike & car.

Use bicycle: When you visit to a short distance, use bicycle instead of motor bike or car. Not only for to help the environment, this will also help you to minimize your cost & keep your health fit.

Use Organic Fertilizer: Chemical fertilizers are harmful to the soil in the long run. Chemical fertilizers kill soil microorganisms and damage the soil structure. In addition, they mix with the rainwater and pollute the river and canal water. So use organic fertilizer for farming. It has no side effects.

Tree plantation: Plant more & more tree. Tree plantation is a best way to make our environment more healthy. Trees gives us oxygen and clean the air by absorbing harmful carbon dioxide.

Stop cutting tree: Beside plant more tree we have to stop cutting tree. Trees are the best friend of mankind.

Some other solutions to environmental problems

Take care of wildlife: Try to take care of wildlife as much as you can. Don’t kill them & don’t destroy their living place. Not only your pet animal, take care of all animal.

Tell your friends & family about environmental problems & solutions: Encourage your friends & family member to take care of nature & natural resources. Tell them what is right & what is wrong.

Do not wast natural resource: Please do not wast any natural resource like Methane gas, Underground water, Iron, Coal, Oil, Salt, Timber etc. Make proper use of them.

Be active on Social media: You should be active on Social media about this matter. Post & share environment related news & article. Highlight the bad effect of environment pollution at social media.

Demand solutions to environmental problems : We have to demand solutions about the environmental issues to our country’s political leader & we have to create pressure on them if they try to ignore this subject.

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Here we discussed about some easy solutions to environmental problems for general citizens. We don’t need to change the law and also don’t need to expense extra money to follow those tips. All of those tips are very easy to implement but very effective to reduce environmental problems.

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