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How Ad Blocker Browser become a obstacle to build a wealthy Internet world

a stop sing, ad blocker browser are harming the internet world in the long run, এড ব্লকিং ব্রাউজার

Have you ever wondered, when you collect any information or read a news from a website, you do not pay any money. You just grab your phone & see the info you need from different websites & then come out, then what is the reward for those who wrote the information for you with their time and effort?

Basically, the more content there will be in the online world, the richer the online world will be. And in order to increase the amount of good content in the online world, content creators need to be encouraged, but the “ad blocker browser” has emerged as a major obstacle in the way of encouraging content creators.

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How the ad blocker browser become a obstacle?

Out of curiosity one day I installed an ad blocker browser and entered into my own website and was surprised to find that the ads that used to be displayed on my website through Google Adsense were not appearing there! The ads have been blocked. The subject made me anxious and I began to think about its long-term effects.

If there is no reward for working, then people have no interest in that work. At present we visit different websites including YouTube, Google to know different information and we can easily find different useful information through different websites. These contents were not created without effort. Many people work tirelessly to create those content or write those articles.

Nowadays, if we enter various online magazines, we can know the news of the whole world at the moment. Many journalists have had to work hard to collect these news and write it on the website. Similarly, who create videos or written articles for their website have to go through a lot of work and effort. It costs a lot of money to run a website as well.

And content creators are basically hoping to make some money by spending a lot of money to run a website and create a good content through a lot of hard work. And we all know that a content creator usually earns some money by advertising on the website. If he can earn money by creating content then he will be encouraged and will create better content later. The more money he earns, the more his interest in this work will increase and he will continue to create good content with full vigor. And if good content is created, it will after all benefit the internet users and the internet world will become rich in various topics and information.

But the ad blocking browser stops displaying ads on the website so that when visitors visit a website, no ad is displayed in front of them. By doing this, the owner of that website or the content creator does not get a chance to earn any money by displaying ads. It’s like entering a hotel and eating and leaving without paying!

That is, when a visitor accesses a website using the ad blocker browser, the ads that are advertised using the various ad networks on that website are not displayed in front of him. So content creators don’t get any money through these ads. As a result, by running a website by spending lot of money and creating various content by wasting one’s valuable labor and time, there is no profit but loss. As a result, content creator will no longer interested in creating or writing something good at the expense of his own money, time and talent, even after a short time his website is shut down due to lack of money! This harms the content creators as well as the average internet user because they no longer able to find the information they need on the website in the future.

So ad blocker browsers are harming the internet world in the long run and depriving content creators from their rights. So let’s refrain from using such browsers. And a final request to those who make such browsers, please do not make and distribute such browsers.


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